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Description : Dermapak ® 2000 Black
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Nail Clipping Samples

Nail clipping samples can be used to tell us many things about the person they came from, from the general health of that person to finding the remains of what they have been handling such as food or materials. On television we are used to seeing nail clippings samples being used to uncover the killer in a murder mystery; this isn't all show biz razzmatazz, nails can tell us many things.

When being transported to a laboratory for testing nail clipping samples need to be kept away from anything that might contaminate them and so housing them in a secure environment is a must if you are to produce and accurate analysis of the sample. For this reason Dermaco developed the Dermapak range of specimen containers and envelopes.

The range has been used and developed for nineteen years and in that time we have been working with eminent specialists to make the product as effective and easy to use as possible. Our system is being used throughout the United Kingdom in Pharmaceutical and medical establishments as the industry standard and is now taking off in the USA and in Australia. Whether you are transporting skin scrapings, hair or nail clipping samples there is a Dermapak suitable which you can view on this website. Some of the range is customisable so you can add your address and logo to the packs should you desire. Please feel free to ask about the 2000 series for further details on transporting nail clipping samples or any other matter that needs to be kept free from contamination.







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