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Mycology Specimen Container
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Mycology Specimen Container

Here at Dermaco we provide and safe and secure mycology specimen container. Mycology is the study of fungus and their uses mainly to humans, from the various fungi growing around the world to fungal infections which humans suffer everything and be studied and analysed by a mycologist. Here at Dermaco Limited we specialise in the design and manufacture of the Dermapak mycology specimen container which are used all over the United Kingdom, the USA and in Australia to safely hold and transport mycology specimens from laboratory to laboratory for investigation.

These are purpose built and come in envelope and mycology specimen container form and have been developed by us in conjunction with top mycologists and pharmaceutical companies to provide easy to use and secure containers for the transportation of skin scrapings, nail clippings and hair samples. The envelopes and containers are straight forward to use and limits the chances of losing smaller samples.

Our products are recommended in Medical Mycology - A Practical Approach by Evans and Richardson, Medical Mycology from Surgery to Laboratory by Oxford Clinical Communications on behalf of Jansssen Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Guidelines for the Laboratory Identification of Superficial Fungal Infections - an internal publication of the Department of Dermatology, Anderson College in Glasgow and this includes our mycology specimen container.

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