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Description : Dermapak ® 2000 Black
Price : £43.60 for a pack of 100
Description : Dermapak ® Originals
Price : £54.00 for a pack of 100
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Dermatological Specimen Envelopes

Dermapak is used extensively in the United Kingdom for diagnostic work and in clinical trials, most medical and pharmaceutical companies use Dermapak dermatological specimen envelopes for their dermatological specimens. Now Dermapak specimen envelopes and other transportation containers are distributed in the United States, Australia, Switzerland and Denmark.

Dermapak dermatological specimen envelopes are compact and lightweight for low mailing costs and makes transportation easy and safe reducing the risk of the loss of smaller specimens. The absorbent material reduces the risk of bacterial overgrowth and the clear window allows for simple identification of specimen up on reception. Our envelopes look professional and smart and the design is established and proven.

The Dermapak envelopes are long established, over 20 years, they are purpose designed and built for specimen transportation making them the market leader, they are easy to use, clean and safe. If you are interested in using Dermapak dermatological specimen envelopes you can contact us today and one of our team will be able to answer any questions you have and dispatch some samples. We are a friendly company and always aim to please our clients, dermatological specimen envelopes have been used in many hospitals and laboratories worldwide and ensure the safe delivery of your specimens.







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» 2000 Black

» 2000 Blue

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» Original

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