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Description : Dermapak ® 2000 Black
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Dermapak specimen transport

Here at Dermaco Ltd we are a division of the Microbiological Supply Co., which is a British Company, based in Toddington that lies in the county of Bedfordshire. We have been providing Dermapak specimen transport for the needs of Laboratories, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies for nearly 30 years.

Dermapak has been used extensively in the U.K over the last 19 years for routine diagnostic work and for clinical trials and each have used our Dermapak specimen transport. It is employed as the system of choice by Medical, Pharmaceutical and other establishments, and is recommended by a number of eminent specialists in mycology to help move samples from one destination to another through Dermapak specimen transport.

Increasingly, Dermapak have been specified for clinical trials and routine work in a number of countries including the U.S.A., Canada, France, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Austria.

Currently, we have agents in the U.S.A., Australia and Switzerland.

Advantages of Dermapak
* Compact and lightweight for low mailing costs
* Easy and safe method of transporting specimens
* Absorbent action reduces risk of bacterial overgrowth
* Easy and convenient to use by Clinician and Laboratory
* Established and proven design
* Professional and smart presentation .
* Reduces risk of small specimen loss
* Ideal for handling and identification by specimen reception
* Laboratory does not need to transfer specimen
* Can be used in laboratory safety cabinets

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