Dermapaks featured products :
Description : Dermapak ® 2000 Black
Price : £43.60 for a pack of 100
Description : Dermapak ® Originals
Price : £54.00 for a pack of 100
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Dermapak Envelope - Distribution

Dermapak are currently looking for experienced distributors to sell and market our Dermapak envelope and other products that we manufacture outside of the United Kingdom.

International HQ is in Toddington, Bedfordshire in the UK with representation in the United States, Switzerland and Australia providing outlets for our Dermapak envelope for clinical trials in Canada, France, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Austria.

If you are interested in becoming a representative outside of the UK simply contact us with your details and we will send you an information pack containing all the relevant details of our products including the Dermapak envelope. Click here for more details:

Dermapak Distribution

Alternatively you can email us at







  Here is a list of products headlines that we can provide - please navigate the website to find out further information on these products.

» 2000 Black

» 2000 Blue

» Customised 2000's

» Original

» Type 3

» L/S Film

» Type 4

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